We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community... Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and need of others for their sakes and for our own.


Movement Society has played a key role in my fitness growth. Being a traditional bodybuilder style person they have contributed to my goals by teaching me functional movements, circuit training and the ability to challenge myself during the workout classes. The coaches are very knowledgeable and helpful with different techniques. Not only you get to challenge yourself but you also expand your network by motivating other people in class. It’s a fun class for all skill levels of weight lifting. 

“Change is only possible through movement.”

Cleve Sarmogenes

I’ve been attending the Movementsociety high performance classes for some time. I recently just recovered from a 1yr knee injury and am currently getting back to my feet. I’ve been trying to find a training platform that fit my needs and then I found this collective through a mutual friend. The coaches here have taught me to challenge myself to a degree of passing through my own barrier of fear. If you want different, you gotta move different. Each coach has played a vital role - all very knowledgeable and approachable to any questions I threw at them while being very supportive whether you were a novice or a veteran in the field of fitness. There’s no other place quite like this one and all I knew was that I was in for it as I’ve committed to coming in each and every class. Each class I’ve learned more about myself and my body through their teachings that I never knew about myself. It just reminded me that as advanced or skilled that you are, there’s always room for improvement and was once the teacher is now the person being taught  and that is what I love about my journey with them so far. Growth and inspiration is just the foundation of their craft for others like myself. They’re just getting started and I’m  glad that I’m here for the ride!

Mark Dadag

“I’ve worked out with Karl Flores for over a year. Throughout my time under his tutelage, I’ve dramatically changed my lifestyle, activity level, and diet.  Prior to working out with him, I was progressing very slowly, and was not proud of any of my results.  I could lift heavy, but I was routinely injured, routinely unhappy, and quite frankly unhappy with myself as an avid gym goer.  Before I started with Karl, I was 210 pounds, today I am 168 lbs, and I am healthier than ever.  Karl has been an incredible trainer for me.  He is bright, motivating, and has never discouraged any injury, frustration, illness, or exhaustion I’ve faced.  There are few people I would trust with my personal health the way I have with him.  He has nurtured, and supported me through my growth, and I have seen the fruits of my labor from everyone I know.  Professors, friends, family, and so many more have noticed my brand new body, and my enhanced confidence because of it.    Karl is the most exceptional trainer I could have envisioned working with.  I’m so exceptionally proud to be a client of his, and I am even more blessed to be a friend of his.”

Vivek Raghavender

Karl is the best. After working with a few other trainers before him, I started with Karl eight months ago and I haven’t looked back. First off I’ll just say that the dude gets results. My body is in the best shape its been and I feel great. Sore. But great. But Karl also brings some other elements to the table that make my sessions with him some of the best hours of my week. His emphasis injury prevention and health means on a given day he was a plan plus two backup plans so that in the event that I wake up with a bum ankle we can still use our time effectively to achieve my goals. This goes a long way in developing a trust where I know I can tell him how my body is feeling and know that no matter what - the session will not be wasted. Plus he just makes you feel comfortable. Between sets he is easy and fun to be around which is super valuable to me. If I’m going to spend time, money, and energy with someone this often, I want more than just results. I want to enjoy my time as I get those results. And I truly enjoy every session with Karl. Highly recommend.

Julian Kauffman